As you load up your holiday plate with all of the delicious, traditional comfort food delights, your calorie count can easily spill right over the top. Our selection of holiday recipe classics provides a winning combo of great taste, easy portion control. and wholesome food. Here are some great tips to keep in mind as you are cooking away!

Perfect Portion Roasted Turkey Turkey: No need for sticks of butter! Simply watch the meat thermometer and make sure not to exceed 165° F. Baste with pan drippings frequently during cooking. As little as 2T of butter will give you a perfect bird. The perfect portion of turkey is 4 to 6 ounces, at a total of 300 calories. You can eat even more if you choose skinless white meat!
Perfect Portion Turkey Gravy Turkey Gravy: Skim off the turkey grease from the delicious pan juices, cook them down in order to super concentrate them, and then stir in a little creamy Greek yogurt for a smooth finish. Guilt-free gravy? Absolutely!
PerfectPortion_MashedPotatoes_03 Mashed Potatoes: Use Yukon Golds! This variety has a natural creamy and buttery texture, so you can add less butter of your own. Plus, keep the “skin (peel?) in the game” to add more fiber and keep you feeling fuller!
Perfect Portion Cranberry Sauce Cranberry Sauce: Make it fresh! It is so easy to make, and allows you to know exactly what’s going in! Orange juice and zest add great flavor.

Using these recipes, you will keep your plate count in the 100s rather the 1000s. You’ll be eating healthier as well . . . and you’ll hardly notice the difference! 🙂

TIP: Want some stuffing and mashed potatoes? Simply have just 1/3 cup for 100 calories, and have a 100 calorie portion of stuffing to get in all the tastes of the holidays! Don’t forget to add in some cooked veggies too to get you fuller faster, or start with a salad!